IV Drip Treatments

Deliver nutrients through your body to nourish it at a cellular level with an IV drip.

Babalas Fix

A fix for hangover and jet lag. Kick away the babalas blues with a great rescue drip that promotes detoxification, and rehydration improves energy levels and eases body aches and headaches almost instantly!

PRICE: R 1 205

Fertility Booster

The closest you can get to a reset button. Our detox drip improves egg and sperm cell quality, therefore, increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy. It also aids weight loss, fights infections, relieves stress, is anti-ageing and promotes skin radiance.

PRICE: R 975

Immune Booster

The immune booster drip boosts immunity by increasing antioxidant levels in the body, lowering blood pressure and helping the body’s natural defences to fight inflammation.

PRICE: R 865

Jet Fuel

A quick restart and boost! Jet Fuel is the master of drips. It is the perfect cocktail to beat off fatigue, dull skin, and sleeplessness, and enhance performance and endurance.

PRICE: R 1 380


NAD and 5 amino acids. Also available in high dose, neuro recover, dipeptides, tri amino and arginine. Anti-ageing in a drip. Increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, improves concentration, mental clarity and memory, alleviates depression and improves mood, reduces pain and inflammation and regulates the immune system.


NAD+ Top Up

PRICE: R 1 150


Improves brain performance, digestive harmony, energy, and weight management, decreases joint pain, aids temperature regulation, prevents kidney stones, promotes a healthier heart, improves detoxification and alleviates headaches.

PRICE: R 375

Skin Radiance

Give your skin a treat. The Skin Glow drip treats acne scars and pigmentation, and detoxes your body at the same time. The way to flawless and radiant skin.

PRICE: R 1 095

Energy Booster

A quick shot to boost energy levels. A cocktail of vitamins good enough to give your system a kick start, which fights fatigue and boosts the immune system.

PRICE: R 1 095

Trace Elements

A small dynamite cocktail of essential nutrients which the body cannot produce naturally. Trace elements strengthen the immune system, boosts energy levels, supports good metabolism and enhances cognitive function.

PRICE: R 285


Promotes healthy hair, strengthens nails and improves skin hydration and elasticity supporting anti-ageing, and boosts thyroid function.

PRICE: R 375

IV Drip Treatments at Youth Fountain Infusions Sandton


Promotes gut health, muscle recovery and muscle building. Clinical studies state that glutamine helps to ease the effects of cancer treatments such as muscle wasting, oral inflammation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

PRICE: R 375

Weight Loss Accelerator

An antioxidant that promotes healthy weight reduction and suppresses appetite. Promotes liver detox and improves the peripheral nervous system.

PRICE: R 785

Fat Burner

Our fat burner plays an important role in mobilising deposits found in tissues, helps to stabilise blood sugar and eliminates carb cravings. The fat burner also improves lean muscle strength and increases energy. Breaks down fat and uses it as energy.

PRICE: R 785


Also known as Meyer’s cocktail, our auto-immune drip improves symptoms associated with chronic pain conditions, it also helps with hydration, alleviating stress, improving immunity, restoring balance to the system and fatigue reduction.

PRICE: R 1 550

Sportsman’s Gas

Improve your endurance while you gym, run, cycle and play sports. Helps with muscle recovery.

PRICE: R 1 015

B12 Shot

Get a shot of energy and rejuvenation.

PRICE: R 285


Testosterone booster for men. Increases testosterone and improves sex drive.

PRICE: R 750


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